Tonight, skiing is awesome for a Tues night Ski, 6pm, ski length away! Meet @ Moose Meadow

The trails and temps are holding for winter fun… and it’s March! This means the days are longer and our dusk-skis are gorgeous. You probably don’t even need your headlamp anymore – while you Ski with CommUNITY! Meet at Moose Meadow entrance, 6pm Tues. Mar 2nd. Ski the Viewscape loop, to the meadows, or do a couple loops right there, a ski-length (or two) away from community members and friends! Everything is firm and Arlberg parking lot is another option to ski from. The Snow Moon, twinkling stars, and fresh air will make any evening ski along our local trails fulfilling – with or without a crew. Dress warm and wear a face covering. We’ll see your eyes and skis there!

If you have a meeting to make on these Tuesday nights, come at a time that works for you instead or carry the meeting along as you cruise trails with a much sweeter perspective.