We will be reducing our carbon footprint this 2023-24 season by reducing the number of package mailings that we create throughout the season. For that reason, we have ENDED our yearly moose pins, and replaced them with…here is the important feature…FLAT moose stickers. For you pin lovers, we created general “Girdwood Nordic” MOOSE pins that can be picked up (or purchased for $10 for non-members) at The Bake Shop or Powder Hound.  If you need your pin and decal mailed to you, we can do that. The pin creates a postage fee of $5.60 if you would like to offset the cost with a donation.  Thanks for your understanding, we will have new stickers, NEW reflective stickers, and NEW window clings to display your Nordic love.  Look for our hats and socks at in-person events as well.

  • Early notification for Ski and Waxing Clinics.
  • Moose Membership Gifts! Stickers, Socks & Mugs.
  • Support for Nordic Skiing in Girdwood Valley.

  • Monthly Alaska Nordic Skier Newsletter.
  • Fantastic Trails groomed by Volunteers.
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