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Recent Trail Reports

  • Saturday, Jan 21st
    5 K, Upper valley loop and Moose Meadow
    Two nights ago and yesterday brought us 6- 8" new snow. 5K groomed but soft. Moose meadow and upper valley loop rolled out nicely. It should OK but no new tracks cut. Enjoy winter !
  • Friday, Jan 20th
    Peter and I groomed the upper meadows and set classic track. Peter put a double track in the Moose Meadow so you can ski with your sweetheart. The Nordic Loop is in fine shape. Good corduroy and classic track. Have a fun weekend. Jim
  • Wednesday, Jan 18th
    Nordic Loop
    The 5K Nordic loop was groomed by the Alyeska snow cat at about 9:30 pm, Wednesday. We'll try to set some classic tracks on Thursday. Jim
  • Monday, Jan 16th
    5K , Moose Meadow and Upper Valley Loop
    5K was knocked down and topped with a light groom. Mostly soft making pole plants sometimes to the hilt. Hoping for snowcat help tonight. Moose Meadow and upper Valley Loop groomed Tuesday and Ski pretty well. The CPG cat has been out on their trail to upper valley so more choices are out there for your recreational pleasure. Go out and enjoy it! pz
  • Sunday, Jan 15th
    all trails
    5K was groomed this morning, Moose Meadow and Upper Valley Loop roller compacted And 14 volunteers showed up to nip alders shovel snow and smooth out our connecting trails. Thanks to Volunteers: Jim Braham, Brian Burnett, Briana Sullivan, Marc Esslinger, Sharon Samuels, Jeff Samuels, Pieter Vonderhoek, Chad Burris, Mike Welch, Kate Sandberg, Peter Zug, Nick Georgeolos, Chris Urstadt and thanks to a random skier who stopped to side step a few rounds. All these folks spent about 2 1/2 hours working from Horror Hill thru the Enchanted Forest and Crockets bridge. We have our full trail system connected with good snow for the first time in 3 years! Go out and enjoy the trails and thank those hard working volunteers!
  • Saturday, Jan 14th
    Nordic Loop and upper meadows
    Well, we sure have the snow today. Maybe 2 feet at the upper snow stake on the 5K. Ethan and Peter went out early and were able to groom the two lower loops of the 5K. The snow on the upper loop has been track packed so the surface is rough but soft. These conditions make for excellent touring on both the 5K and in the meadows. Enjoy this opportunity! Jim
  • Monday, Jan 9th
    Nordic Loop and upper meadows
    The 5K Nordic Loop was groomed this morning. The existing classic tracks are still in good condition. The groomer also zipped around the upper meadows to smooth out a few of the lumps. Jim