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Recent Trail Reports

  • Tuesday, Mar 21st
    All trails Grroomed
    New snow got re-groomed last night by John. All trails are looking good. pz
  • Monday, Mar 20th
    Nordic Loop, Upper meadows and Moose meadow
    Peter and I groomed a BUNCH of snow this morning - all groomable trails were done, including classic tracks. The corduroy is very soft but should set up in a couple of hours. Thanks to John for going out yesterday to knock the air out of the snow - that really helped. Jim
  • Friday, Mar 17th
    All trails
    Eben and Deb groomed all the trails for the weekend. Enjoy!
  • Wednesday, Mar 15th
    Nordic Loop, Upper meadows and Moose meadow
    All groomable trails were freshened up this morning by John and Jim. Classic tracks seem to be holding up well. There is still a moose hanging out near the trail between the church and Conway Meadow. Use caution. Jim
  • Saturday, Mar 11th
    All Trails
    Last night Deb did a once over on all trails to renew the surface for today's users. Get out and enjoy the sun. Moose caution : In vicinity of Church! Use caution in that area. pz
  • Friday, Mar 10th
    Moose Meadow, Upper Meadow Loop and 5 K
    John and Peter fluffed up the grooming and most areas throughout the system still have pretty good tracks. Take time to enjoy winter while it is here. pz
  • Monday, Mar 6th
    All trials Groomed
    John and Shane went out today and spiffed up the trails. Tracks are still there and surfaces were softened up a bit. Enjoy the sun and snow. pz